Postdoctoral Fellow

Current Postdoctoral Fellows at The Center for Ergonomics

VitaliRachel Vitali
    • Year of Graduation: 2019
    • Institution: University of Michigan, Department of Mechanical Engineering
    • Area of Interest: Rachel’s research interests include computational and analytical dynamics with applications to wearable sensing technology for analysis of human motion. As a graduate student, she was engaged with a research project aimed at understanding, quantifying, and distinguishing performance and technique for a number of different tasks using an array of inertial measurement units. An additional focus was developing a method for estimating three-dimensional rotations across a joint using sensors attached to the body segments on either side of that joint. As a TRISH postdoctoral fellow, she will expand on her work to characterize the biomechanical and motor control capabilities required to conduct scientific fieldwork to better inform spacesuit design, field instrument design, astronaut training protocols, and concept of operations development to name a few.
    • Faculty Affiliate: Prof. Leia Stirling
    • Desired Employment: Academia