The Center for Ergonomics operates within the Department of Industrial and Operations Engineering in the College of Engineering. We have a long-standing history and distinguished record of research in the areas of Cognitive Ergonomics, Biomechanics and Work Physiology and Safety. We also provide instruction, both to graduate students in various departments across campus as well as professional ergonomists, engineers, and designers in private industry through our continuing education courses. Students, research scientists, and research sponsors are drawn to the Center because of its faculty who are experts in a broad range of topics in Cognitive and Physical Ergonomics and because of the Center’s extensive resources– state-of-the-art laboratories, test equipment, expert staff, and computer systems.

The mission of the Center for Ergonomics is to make workplaces and organizations safe, efficient, productive and enjoyable. We are dedicated to gaining and sharing a better understanding of how tools, technologies and work practices affect health and performance and how they can be improved through human-centered design. Our research also advances basic knowledge about people’s psychological and physical abilities and limitations. Being part of the University of Michigan with over 250 degree programs uniquely qualifies us to take a systems-oriented and multi-disciplinary approach to engineering and design, combining cognitive, physical and organizational ergonomics and collaborating with experts in related disciplines.

Enjoy your tour of our website, and please contact us with your questions or for further information.

Nadine Sarter
Professor, IOE and Director of the Center for Ergonomics