The Center for Ergonomics is an important and integral component of the Department of Industrial and Operations Engineering in the College of Engineering. The objective of the Center for Ergonomics is to make significant educational, research, and service contributions to the society and to the discipline of human factors engineering and ergonomics. The Center for Ergonomics has the crucial mission to discover, apply, and disseminate knowledge of human behavior in human-machine-environment systems, and to develop, apply, and teach theories and methods for human-centered engineering and design. Our work aims to improve products, workplaces, work procedures, and organizations to make them comfortable, efficient, enjoyable, productive, safe, and usable to diverse human populations.

Over the past several decades, the Center for Ergonomics has established a distinguished record of education, research, and service in the various areas of human factors engineering and ergonomics, including Cognitive Ergonomics, Human-Automation Interaction, Human-Computer Interaction, Human-Robot Interaction, Neuroergonomics, Occupational Biomechanics and Work Physiology, Physical Ergonomics, Work Measurement and Safety, Aesthetic Ergonomics, and Global Cultural Ergonomics. The Center faculty are experts in these areas and actively collaborate with each other and with faculty in other areas on multi-disciplinary research topics. The Center has extensive resources including well-equipped laboratory spaces, experimental and measurement devices, computer systems, and technical support staff. We conduct research on a wide range of topics; we teach undergraduate and graduate courses in many areas of human factors engineering and ergonomics; we provide research opportunities to undergraduate and graduate students; we train doctoral students and post-doctoral researchers; we host visiting scholars and researchers; we also offer many continuing education courses that provide instructions and training to designers, engineers, ergonomists, and other practitioners and researchers in industry or governmental agencies.

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Yili Liu, Ph.D.

Arthur F. Thurnau Professor

Director of Center for Ergonomics