Inclusive Mobility Lab – Clive D’Souza

Location: G831 & G707
Faculty in charge: Clive D’Souza, Ph.D.

crdlab-push-pull-1000x435The Inclusive Mobility Research Lab conducts human factors and ergonomics research into empirically-based frameworks and models for quantifying variability in human physical abilities (functioning) and its effects on system performance in occupation and mobility-related domains. Key areas of research include engineering anthropometry, functional biomechanics, human movement analysis, and digital human modeling for analysis and design at the individual and systems level.

IMG_3633-1000x666Research at the lab integrates basic tenets of ergonomics and inclusive design. Ergonomics stresses system performance and worker well-being from variability in work demands. Inclusive design emphasizes strategies for accommodating the full spectrum of human functional variability, particularly users that are most vulnerable to exclusion from deficient engineering design. This includes individuals that have disabilities, are older, or with special needs. Application domains include environments that need to accommodate diverse users (workers and consumers) such as in occupational and manufacturing settings, patient-care, and transportation.

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