2014 Conferences

Professional and Scholarly Meetings

2014 Conferences
February 20, 2014  Workplace Hazards of the Green Industry – Indianapolis, IN
March 3, 2014  Workplace Hazards of the Green Industry – Oakbrook Terrace, IL
March 19, 2014  Workplace Hazards of the Green Industry – Aurora, IL
March 24, 2014  Applied Ergonomics Conference – Orlando, FL
April 15, 2014  NORA Symposium: Total Worker Health – Lansing, MI
May 3, 2014  Updates in Occupational Health Nursing: Strategies for Addressing Workplace  Health Issues Preconference Session – Dallas, TX
May 5, 2014  AAOHN 2014 National Conference – Dallas, TX
October 27, 2014  Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Conference – Chicago, IL
December 2 – 5, 2014  ErgoExpo – Las Vegas, NV


58th Annual Meeting of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society
Chicago, IL
October 27 – 31, 2014
Discussion Panels
Panelist: Armstrong, T. Posters With Fellows
Panelist: Armstrong, T. Ergonomic aspects of Clinical and Surgical Procedures
Panelist: D’Souza, C. Consequences of New Devices and Apps for Environmental Design
Papers and Presentations
Armstrong, T., Ulin, S. An Equation for Estimating Hand Activity Level Based on Measured Hand Speed and Duty Cycle
Bao, S., Flannagan, C., Xiong, H., Sayer, J. Eye Glance Behavior Associated With Cell-Phone Use: Examination With Naturalistic Driving Data
Cao, S., Liu, Y. Lane Keeping and Sentence Comprehension Dual-Task Performance: Comparison Between Drivers From China and United States
Cao, S., Liu, Y. Modeling Driving and Sentence Comprehension Dual-Task Performance in Queueing Network-ACTR
D’Souza, C. Ambulation Aid Use and User Performance for Transit Vehicle Interior Design
Figueroa, R., Das, S., Armstrong, T., Woolley, C., Chung, K. Enhanced Hand Function Assessment using Pressure Mapping and Low Cost Motion Capture
Liu, Y., Feng, F. Computer-Aided Usability Evaluation if In-Vehicle Infotainment Systems
Lu, S., Sarter, N. Tactile Change Blindness in an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Control Task
Moacdieh, N., Ganje, T., Sarter, N. Electronic Health Records: Effects of Clutter and Stress on Physicians’ Information Search and Noticing Performance
Moacdieh, N., Li, H. Is “Chart Junk” Useful? An Extended Examination of Visual Embellishment
Pitts, B., Sarter, N. Crossmodal Matching: Validation of a More Reliable Technique
Reed, M., Han Kim, K. Creating Custom Human Avatars for Ergonomic Analysis Using Depth Cameras
Sarter, N. Validation of Scanning and Complacency Models for Robotic Arm Control
Yu, D., Cha, J., Kasten, S., Armstrong, T. Gaze and Viewing Patterns in Microsurgery: Task Analysis in the Operating Room